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I would like to introduce to you the building of the “KandyVan”, a 1962 International Metro Mite . This truck will be a daily driver showcasing my custom paintwork and metal fabrication, also a truck like no other. The finished truck will be used as a delivery van for KandyVan.

This is where the opportunity comes in for advertising your product on the “KandyVan”!

I am reaching out to the vendors of products that I already use on a daily basis in the building of custom KandyVan creations, asking who would like to partner in the building of this dynamic one off vehicle. For your contribution, I am offering a permanent logo on the back door of the truck. As the truck gets built I would also like to film and promote videos on my YouTube of your product in use. Again, I am contacting you because in my years of experience, I believe your product is the best in the industry and has helped me build my business into the same.

As the project is getting underway I look forward to talking to you more about this project and your product.

Please take a moment to read more about myself.

My name is Peter Gamen. I am a custom painter, sign painter, pinstriper, fabricator, maker of cool things. You can see examples of my work here.

I started my company KandyVan a few years ago, which offers Kustom Kulture paint, outside the garage. I have been refurbishing and redesigning vintage refrigerators with custom paint and fabrication. One of my very first creations was a fridge called “Frankenstein”, that went to a barbershop that hands out beer to clients while they wait for a haircut. The fridge is now sponsored and stocked by Revolution Brewery, right here in Chicago. In the building of my business I have had the chance to work with corporations such as Goose Island Beer Co., Napa Auto Parts, and Marlboro.

My paint style specializes in heavy metallics and kandy paint. I also have knowledge in metal fabrication and electronics which leaves no limitations in the fridges that I build. I enjoy taking 50’s and 60’s paint design along with lowrider and Kustom car influences off of just cars and into everyday life.



I have always envisioned a proper delivery truck for the both of our companies, whether it be to deliver a custom built fridge or to vend at one of the many car shows we attend. It took a few years, but with the help of Vintage Step Vans I can finally introduce the building of the actual “KandyVan”! I will be updating a build blog  where you can follow along, watch, comment, and share the progress of the build.

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