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Available Inventory

Universal Stove  $450

Working Condition

Vintage Stove  $150 As-Is

Working Condition, needs some updates

Contact for quote

Coldspot Fridge  $300 As-Is

Contact for quote to **upgrade

GE Fridge

Contact for Quote

Coldspot Fridge

Contact for Quote

Whirlpool Fridge

Contact for Quote

Crosley Shelvador Fridge

Contact for Quote

Philco Fridge

Contact for Quote

**Many upgrades are offered, not only to the overall paint scheme, but to the unit itself. All the fridges can be painted single color for that retro kitchen to wild multilayer paint in your favorite metal flake and Kandy colors. 


All fridges come with a upgraded modern 3 prong grounded 110v cord. We also put new door seals on all of our fridges. We offer many additional options like:


  •  Kegerator conversion

  • New modern compressor

  • New interior insulation

  • Rechromed shelving

  • Caster wheels

  • Along with one off customization of the overall unit itself, from exterior lighting to the wildest transformation you could imagine.

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